Why should you get on-site NDT?

On-site NDT testing

The main aim with non destructive testing is to get a closer look at a part or system without damaging it. There are several types of inspection to choose from. They can look for discontinuities, differences in characteristics such as the hardness, issues like creep, and more. While it is possible to take parts away to test, usually the most convenient option is to arrange on-site NDT testing. This is something we can offer.

Overall there are several important reasons to get NDT. This includes:

Mitigating risk

The failure of a part or system can cause serious accidents. This could put people on and around the site at risk. An issue could also allow harmful substances to leak into the environment, putting plants, water sources, and wildlife at risk.

Monitor structural integrity

It is vital to keep track of the stability and mechanical strength of structural elements. Regular NDT is a great way to do this. The testing can check key components without damaging them further.

Establish compliance

Industrial companies have a lot of regulations to comply with. If they fail to do so, they could face severe penalties. It could also affect how people view their brand. NDT is useful here as it can check for compliance and identify any assets that may not comply.

Choosing on-site NDT testing

There are a number of additional advantages if you choose to have non-destructive testing on your site.

Firstly, it is far more convenient. It means you don’t need to disassemble systems or assets to send parts for testing. This can mean faster results and less downtime.

Secondly, it can give the tester a good idea of the environment. This means they can get a better understanding of the risks to the assets and what could be causing the wear.

Thirdly, asking the tester to come to your site can overcome access issues. While you may not be able to reach components to remove them, an NDT operative may be able to test them in-situ.

Talk to us about testing

Format NDT Ltd is an expert company that can offer testing all across the UK. We support clients in a variety of industries. Our operatives have the necessary qualifications, training, and equipment. That means they can provide first rate services every time. The portable equipment also means we can overcome many obstacles to testing on your site.

If you have any questions about on-site NDT testing, please get in touch.