Are your water tanks reliable?

Storage tank Inspection

Commercial and industrial companies across the UK rely on steel tanks to store water. It could be resources for essential operations, fire systems, or even potable water. In either case, it is vital that each tank is in the right condition. Format NDT Ltd can help. We are a leading provider of storage tank inspection, ensuring we deliver clear reports for our clients.

What are the concerns when storing water in tanks?

Whether it is a steel tank, GRP, thermoplastic, or any other material, it is vital to consider safety when you store water like this. You must be able to keep it safe from contaminants and pests. In many cases you also need to ensure it remains at a stable temperature. This will reduce the chance of harmful bacteria growing.

Another concern is leaks. Even a small leak can result in a huge amount of lost resources over time. It can also cause concerns for the structural integrity of the tank. This could become a very costly issue.

Proper maintenance

The best way to ensure that there are no issues with storage tanks is to maintain them correctly. An important part of this is inspecting them. A number of environmental factors could cause damage to the tanks. Regular inspections can track the wear and look for other signs of problems. This can allow preventative maintenance and prevent bigger issues.

Accurately inspecting storage tanks can be tricky. It gets even harder as the size increases. Access can be an issue and there can be concerns about the validity of the tests. However, Format NDT Ltd knows how to effectively check the tanks.

Rely on us for storage tank inspection

Our team have a lot of experience and access to lots of useful NDT equipment. As a result we can offer solutions like UT to test wall thickness, DPI to look for surface and sub-surface discontinuities, Eddy current inspection, and more.

Our goal is to offer the most reliable services for every client, whatever industry they are in or what they are using the tanks for. More importantly, we take care to make sure we won’t damage a tank during testing. This protects the client’s assets.

So, if you want to learn more about storage tank inspection, you can contact us.