Visual Inspection (VT)

Visual Inspection otherwise known as visual testing, is a method of Non-Destructive testing that provides a means of detecting and examining a variety of flaws on many items either in-service or at various stages during manufacture. It is also the most widely used method for detecting and examination of surface cracks and their relationship to structural failure. 

More commonly, visual testing is used to conduct a welding test, but Format NDT are also  able to provide this non destructive technique can be used to inspect:-

  • Seals
  • Internal Pipe Bores
  • Soldered Connections
  • Adhesive Bonding

Given the wide variety of surface defects that may be detected by visual examination the use of visual inspection may involve different techniques dependent on the product and type of surface flaw to be monitored or located. More commonly, our visual inspection services are used to conduct a visual welding inspection.

At Format NDT we are equipped to meet any inspection criteria required by our customers. We have a wide range of optical inspection equipment which can be complemented with video surveys if required. Typical equipment used in this NDT discipline are Flexible or Rigid Borescopes, Flexible Fire optics and Flexible Infra-Red.

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