Preventing resource loss in storage tanks

Storage tank Inspection

Industrial storage tanks can be huge to allow companies to store all the resources they need. Managing these assets properly is very important or a company can be losing out on money every day. This is because even a small leak will result in loss and waste the resources. An important part of managing and maintaining the tanks is to arrange regular storage tank inspection. This can be very useful for spotting issues and recommending repairs.

Small leaks are hard to find

The big issue with tanks is the larger they are, the harder it can be to find small leaks. As a result some could be present for a long time without ever being noticed. This could translate to a loss of hundreds or thousands of litres of oil, chemicals, water or other resources. This is a huge waste of resources and a big extra bill the company should not be paying.


The biggest cause of leaks and resource loss in storage tanks is corrosion. It can cause serious issues, and at worst it can ruin a whole tank.

The corrosion is most common on the bottom of the tank. It can happen both inside and outside of it. The latter is the hardest to detect because it is impossible to inspect it visually unless the underside of the tank is accessible. In most cases this is not possible because the largest tanks sit directly on the ground. In doing so, the bottom of the tank can be exposed to dissolved salts and other minerals in the ground water. That can lead to corrosion.

Tank roof and shell corrosion can happen, but both are much rarer. In fact, the roofs of tanks only tend to corrode if there are issues with overfilling.

Arranging storage tank inspection

The important thing to keep in mind is that the longer corrosion is present without treating it, the worse the damage. That means over time the amount of resources you lose will get worse too. Therefore, it is a good idea to check tanks regularly.

The best thing to do is call on a professional team like Format NDT Ltd. We have experience here and access to the very best equipment. That means we can use different types of testing to get a clear idea of the condition of a tank. This includes UT, eddy current inspection, DPI, and MPI.

If you have any concerns about your storage tanks, we would be happy to help. You can contact us to ask about the kinds of non-destructive testing we offer and to find out more about our company. If you do choose us for storage tank inspection, we will choose the right time for you and ensure you get the best service.