Why is CE marking so important?

CE marking

One of the big challenges with a trade union like the EU is that products will come from various countries. As a result they can be made to very different standards. Differing regulations in countries can also cause issues with the movement of these products. To alleviate this, there is CE marking. This marking symbolises that the product complies with the regulations within the EU, including those for safety, health, and the environment.

A mark of quality

If you plan on selling products in Europe, it is very important to get the CE mark. After all, it is an indication that the product you sell is a good quality. Customers will have more confidence buying when they see the marking. This is important, especially if you want to be able to compete with other businesses.


It can be quite a long process to achieve the CE marking but it is well worth it. One thing that manufacturers and importers must do is create technical documentation for the product. This should show how it conforms to the relevant regulations. The documents must be made available if a regulatory entity or customer requests them.

Third party inspection

Another good thing to do is get a third party to asses a product to ensure it can display the CE mark. The assessor will be impartial and provide clear directions. They will have a good knowledge of all the rules and regulations that products need to comply with in order to get the CE mark. Many businesses won’t know about all of them so it is good to call on an expert.

Talk to us about CE marking

Format NDT Ltd is a professional team that understands all the rules surrounding the CE mark. Our goal is to help clients so they can add the mark to their products. We also help welders to gain the certification, showcasing they can weld to meet the quality requirements.

If you have any questions about CE marking, or would like us to help you, please get in touch. We work very hard to ensure every single client gets the perfect service.