How beneficial is third party inspection?

Customer Representation

Inspections are crucial to ensuring that products are the right quality. However, you must ensure you have the right people inspecting everything. What you really want here is an impartial report that is free of bias. For this reason, many people call for third party inspection.

There are actually many advantages to hiring a third party to handle the inspection. We want to look at a few of them here, sharing our experience as a leader in this field.

Improving quality

The first and most obvious benefit is that asking a third party to inspect can increase the quality. This is true whether it is a basic metal sheet or a complex product. It is also a great option if there has been any welding.

There could be a number of different defects in a product. They could arise for all kinds of reasons, including issues with the manufacturing, faults from engineers, or negligence. Some manufacturers may not have quality controls in place to look for these faults. Others may find them but choose to ignore the flaws to save the time and money. With all of that in mind, it is better to get a third party to inspect the quality. They will give an honest assessment of the products.

Improving relationships

While some manufacturers may not be the biggest fan of third party inspections, they can actually improve the relationship between them and their customers. After-all, allowing an inspection showcases their openness. In addition, it shows they care about customer satisfaction. More importantly, it reduces the risk of sending out poor quality products. This can establish a much stronger working relationship.

Improving workflow

Every business should want to be able to cater for their customers in a timely manner. Third party inspections can help here. The check for defects can highlight issues with the manufacturer’s equipment and personnel. Improvements here can result in more effective production. This in turn can make it easier for manufacturer’s to meet their client’s timeframes.

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At Format NDT Ltd we can handle all kinds of inspections. In fact, we have access to a huge amount of non-destructive testing equipment. That means clients can come to us if they want to get a really good report on the condition of products, equipment, systems, and more.

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