Preventing failures with on-site testing

On-site testing

There are risks and safety hazards in all kinds of industries. Whether it is nuclear, defence, rail, construction, or engineering, it is vital to manage them effectively. One way to do this is to arrange regular on-site testing. This could include various forms of NDT. The goal should be to get a clear idea of the condition of critical components and welds. That way you can see what maintenance and repairs are necessary.

Minimising the risk of accidents

Industrial accidents can have terrible consequences. For example, they could result in serious injury to personnel on the site. In addition, it could harm the environment and local wildlife. On top of this, the accident could have a serious financial impact on the company. The key to avoiding all of this is to be proactive with maintenance and inspections.

You should arrange regular on-site testing so you can get a better idea of how components are wearing over time. It should be as vital a part of your routine maintenance as shutdowns and performance tests.

It is important to ensure you get the right kind of testing for your needs. NDT can be roughly split into two categories:

Tests which only survey the surface and near-surface for wear and defects
Tests that look within a component or weld to check for wear and defects

Professional on-site testing

While we will always promote the importance of testing, we also implore businesses to seek professional services. There may be a temptation to do the tests in-house. While this is possible, there are risks if the testers aren’t experts. Most importantly, using inappropriate NDT, applying it incorrectly, or making mistakes when interpreting the results can cause big problems.

Critically, this can give a false impression of how safe plant is. As a result it could allow an accident rather than preventing it or mean the business does expensive repairs when they do not need them.

Rely on us

Format NDT Ltd is one of the most skilful providers of on-site testing in the UK. We have expert technicians who have a great combination of experience and personal certification. In addition, they have access to some of the very best equipment, including various types of portable testers.

We are proud to support clients in a variety of industries. Many of them call on us for periodic inspections because they trust us to offer honest reports every time. If you need our help, please get in touch.