What can replication inspection tell you?

Replication inspection

There are many different types of non-destructive testing. Replication inspection, also known as metallurgical replication, is a great option for in-service equipment. It has uses in a huge array of industries and can tell people a lot of useful things about a huge array of components and welds. This is one of the forms of testing the Format NDT Ltd team has a lot of experience with.

Giving you useful information

One of the things this type of NDT can tell you is what type of materials you are dealing with. This is important information to have as it can help to reveal what kind of maintenance you will need to do.

By far the most important thing the testing will tell you is if there are any changes in the microstructure of the components. For example, it can look for signs of high temperature degradation, creep, the formation of cracks or cavities, and more. This is very important because each of these issues, or a combination of them, can result in costly or harmful equipment failure.

The replication inspection can also analyse the surface of components and welds. This is useful for many reasons. Firstly, it can determine what types of heat treatments have been done. In addition, it can find surface indications such as weld seams, cracks, laminations, and more.

This type of testing can be used along with other methods such as hardness tests to give a better idea of how much damage there is to components and welds. As a result it can help to show if they need replacing.

Professional replication inspection

Format NDT Ltd has the skills, experience, and equipment to provide testing in various settings. This is one of the reasons why we can work with clients in so many industries. For example, we can offer replication for petro-chemical companies, manufacturers, and much more. We can provide regular testing as part of preventative maintenance plans. This can monitor progressive changes in equipment and welds.

If you want to arrange testing, please contact us.