Testing is vital with CE marking

CE marking

One of the biggest issues with the EU is that there were different standards in various countries in it. As a result, while the idea was to make it easier to trade, it presented issues with ensuring products were the right quality. This also caused issues for products made outside of Europe. The solution was CE marking. Products must have this mark if the manufacturer wants to sell them within the EEA.

Getting the mark

There are a number of crucial steps to complete if you want to give a product a CE mark. Firstly, you must find out which directives and standards apply to your specific product. These in turn can reveal which product-specific requirements you need to know about. Then you need to determine if a third party has to do an assessment to check your conformity.


One of the most important stages for getting a CE marking is testing. A product may need to undergo several different tests to make sure it complies with the EU standards. This could mean that the client requires professional non-destructive testing. Format NDT Ltd can provide this, offering everything from ultrasonic to PMI and dye penetration. In addition, it is vital to do a risk assessment of each product.

What else?

Following the testing it is time to draw up the technical documents. They showcase that the product conforms to all of the relevant standards and directives. Then, once that is ready, you are able to place the CE mark on a product.

CE Marking for welding

While the core of our business at Format NDT Ltd is testing, we can also offer certification for welders and welded products. We can ensure that your team have the right qualifications and conform to the relevant welding codes. Ultimately, this will help to ensure that your products are safe to sell.

Our goal is to be the very best partner for clients in the UK who work in various industries. If you want to test a product before adding a CE mark to it, or want to ensure your welders have the right skills, we can help. Get in touch today and we can arrange everything for you.