Using NDT on civil engineering projects

On-site Testing

There have been many interesting developments in the civil engineering industry in the last few decades. One of them is the increase in the use of non-destructive testing (NDT). These tests can detect flaws and defects in different metal products. Experts can also use some of them to examine concrete. It is now very common to see on-site testing taking place on these projects.

Strength testing

One of the main reasons NDT is so popular in civil engineering is it can allow people to inspect inside different elements. This can be very useful for testing the strength of structures and materials. When it is huge projects involving massive weights, getting a good idea of how strong things like steel framework and concrete is can be crucial. It can confirm that there is no risk of a structural failure due to overloading or weak materials.

Finding flaws

The testing is also very useful for finding flaws in materials. It is important to look for these as their presence could also affect the structural stability. For example, if the steel framework has too many inclusions it could allow cracking and failure. There are methods of NDT that can make it easy to detect these inclusions and even locate them within the material.


There has been a huge amount of new research over the last few years to look into just how useful different types of NDT are in civil engineering. The results of many of these studies are really positive. Many of them show that the testing can be incredibly accurate when examining different metal and concrete structures.

Talk to us about on-site testing

Format NDT Ltd is very proud to support civil engineering experts. We know just how useful our services can be for testing structures and specific products. Our goal with each project is to provide the clearest idea of the condition of the thing we are inspecting. We can look at the strength, presence of flaws, and even determine how much life items have left.

Clients can rely on us to offer the very best standards with our on-site testing. Our technicians have access to the best equipment and can effectively carry out each type of test. They can then interpret the results for the client to help them determine what they need to do in terms of maintenance or remedial work.

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