Do you have the right quality controls in place?

Customer Representation

Quality controls are absolutely crucial when it comes to metals and metal products. Without them you could produce or use a material that does not have the right characteristics. That can result in huge problems in the future, including premature failure. Format NDT Ltd can help clients here. We offer a range of testing services and can even provide full customer representation.

Control quality at every step

The best way to ensure the product you create is high quality is to check it several times. This is true whether you produce the metal itself or use it to create any kind of products. It is even more important if the product has to meet very specific requirements to achieve the right standard.

Ideally you should have quality controls in place to do checks at different stages of the production process. This can help you to maintain the standards.

When you are producing the metals themselves, the controls could include a check of the raw materials to establish their quality. Then, you could have tests at each stage of the manufacturing process and another round of checks prior to dispatch.

If you are a manufacturer that uses metals to create any products, from steel sheets for roofing to tubing, you can also have several periods of testing. The best place to start is checking the metals before you make any changes to them. This will establish that the metal itself has the right characteristics from the start. You can then do additional tests after each stage of the manufacturing.


Having several rounds of quality checks is the best way to maximise accountability. It can help to ensure that there are no issues with the raw materials at the start of a project. Then it can indicate if an issue arises at one point in the production process or another. This makes it easier to make changes that can improve the quality.

Talk to us about customer representation

Format NDT Ltd is one of the best teams to work with if you want to monitor quality. We have skilful technicians who can use various types of testing to inspect metals, metal products, and welds. This can include visual checks as well as non-destructive tests like UT, MPI, and DPI.

The best thing about working with us is we are impartial. Our goal is simply to provide the most accurate assessments. That means we will show no bias at all.

If we provide testing and do find an issue, we can retain the metal, part, or product to show you the issue. We can also provide the findings from our tests as evidence. We can prevent items with flaws from being sent to a customer who may find an issue with it. As a result we actively help you to maintain your reputation.

So, if you want to arrange customer representation or one off testing, please contact us. We are a nationwide company and work with clients in a huge array of industries.