The advantages of Ultrasonic Testing

Ultrasonic Testing

Non-destructive testing is essential for a number of reasons. Firstly, it can determine the condition of materials, parts, and welds. This information can then determine what kind of maintenance is necessary. Overall, regular tests can reduce risks by spotting defects. As a result, this can improve safety and the lifespan of assets. Format NDT Ltd can offer a number of solutions here, including the versatile Ultrasonic Testing (UT).

What is it?

UT uses pulses of high frequency sound waves to detect irregularities and flaws within different items. It is an effective method of NDT and can offer a number of advantages. These include:

The speed

One of the biggest benefits here is how quickly a skilful technician with the right equipment can conduct tests. A number of systems will provide immediate results, and it is possible to survey a wide area in a short space of time.


Another great thing about Ultrasonic Testing is the depth it can reach. UT can outperform other NDT methods here, effectively scanning deeper into materials. This results in greater flaw detection.


UT can be incredibly accurate when you use the best equipment and software. It can effectively determine the size, shape, and location of flaws in various materials. In addition, it can detect surface flaws.

Safety and usability

Ultrasonic scanning technology does not pose any hazards to operators or anyone else in the area. The devices are also highly portable and tend to feature touch screens with high resolution so they are easy to use and read.


UT is also one of the most versatile methods of NDT. In addition to flaw detection it can be used to measure thickness and check the integrity of materials. The testing is suitable for use in a huge array of industries and will work in all kinds of locations.

Talk to us about Ultrasonic Testing

Format NDT Ltd is a professional team with a huge amount of experience with non-destructive testing. We have excellent equipment and can provide accurate surveys of all kinds of materials, parts, and more. We even have our own ultrasonic lab so we can test in-house if necessary.

If you want to arrange Ultrasonic Testing, please contact us. We work all over the UK and always strive to deliver the highest quality services.