Why is hardness so important?

Hardness Testing

One of the most important properties with metals is their hardness. This gives an idea of important characteristics like the ability to resist deformation, penetration, and different types of wear. In terms of engineering, there are few things more important than having an accurate idea of how hard a material is. Format NDT Ltd can help with this by providing hardness testing.


Understanding the hardness of a metal is vital to determine how long it will last in various settings. For example, a harder material will generally be able to withstand wear for much longer. If you know the hardness, you can also get a better idea of how likely a material is to fail under certain circumstances.


It is important to know how hard a metal is because it has an impact on how easy it will be to work with. Harder materials are trickier to work. This can make things like bending and even cutting tougher. If you are processing a metal in any way, you should first ensure you know the hardness so you can make sure you have the right tooling and equipment.

Meeting standards

In addition, it is crucial you ensure the metals have the right hardness so they meet the right standards. This is important regardless of what you are using the metal for.

Various forms of hardness testing

There are several different ways to determine how hard a metal is. The three most common ones are Rockwell (RH), Brinell (BH), and Vickers (VH). All of them are a form of indentation testing. That means the tester will create an indent in the metal. It is then a rather simple case of measuring how deep the indent is or the dimensions. Deeper indents and larger dimensions indicate that materials are softer.

Alternatively, the rebound method is commonly used on weld and HAZ areas. This method provides the readings which are then converted to the required hardness values.

Format NDT Ltd is one of the leading providers of non-destructive testing in the UK. Our team are qualified professionals and have access to top of the range testers. We provide all three forms of testing we spoke of above, meaning we can select the right one for different materials.

If you need to arrange hardness testing, rely on us. Our services are economical and reliable, and all of our testers are portable so we can test metals on any kind of site.