What type of discontinuity are you dealing with?

Magnetic Particle Inspection

Discontinuities in metals can cause big problems. They have the potential to compromise the strength and longevity of products. When there are too many, they can become defects and mean that the metal is not usable. Before you use a metal, you should get non destructive testing (NDT) to check for these possible flaws. We can help, offering an array of services to suit various metals. For ferromagnetic ones we can offer magnetic particle inspection.

Different categories

While you may think that all discontinuities are the same, they actually fall into one of four categories. These represent the stages of manufacturing and when they are in use.


The first category is any discontinuity that occurs during casting when metals become ingots. It can also include when a metal is cast into products. There are a number of flaws that can happen here, including micro shrinkage cavities, porosity, and non metallic inclusions.


The next category is any discontinuity that occurs due to primary processing. There are a number of ways to process metals to create all kinds of products. This includes a range of hot and cold processes such as welding, rolling, and drawing. Some inherent discontinuities can also become worse as a result of the processing. Issues to look out for include seams, lamination, cooling cracks, and laps. If you weld metal you must look for hot or cold cracks, lack of fusion, porosity, and more.


Metal products can undergo a number of secondary processes to finish them. This includes things like grinding, heat treatment, and plating. Once again discontinuities can occur here. For example you could suffer with cracks from grinding, quenching, or pickling, or find tears because of machining.


The final category is any discontinuity that occurs while a metal is in service. The most common is fatigue cracks. However, there are also issues like creep, stress corrosion cracking, and hydrogen cracks.

Ask us about magnetic particle inspection

Format NDT Ltd can look for all kinds of discontinuities in metals and metal products. Clients can call on us to test any form of metal, including sheet and plate to make sure it will meet the right standards. In addition, we can offer testing for any parts that are in service. This is a good way to reveal how much life is left.

So, if you want to arrange magnetic particle inspection or another type of NDT, rely on us. Format NDT Ltd offers consistent, high quality services on-site and at our lab. Contact us today if you have any queries.