Visual inspection for welding

Visual Inspection

Weld strength is crucial regardless of the type of product. If the welds are weak, the risk of failure is much higher. This in turn could result in serious risks to people, assets, and more. To get high quality welds it is important to have proper controls in place. In addition, you need to get professional inspections. This includes visual inspection, NDT, and destructive testing if necessary.

Why is a visual test important?

Many people are surprised by the fact that visually inspecting welds is still vital. There are many modern methods to test them but a visual check from a qualified expert remains very important. There are several reasons why.

For starters you get the benefit of the inspector’s knowledge. They can consider various factors that could affect the quality of the weld, including the joint preparation, the quality of the equipment and raw materials, and even the weather. Other methods of testing would not look at these things and how they could affect the weld.

On top of this, visual inspection is cost effective and can actually help save money. The inspector can reduce the need for some of the most expensive types of testing if they deem that the welding is already excellent. They can also point out obvious issues that don’t need any other type of testing to indicate.

The first stage

It is always a good idea to have visual inspection as the first stage of testing welds. The inspector can check for surface problems like visible cracks, missed joints, underfill, pitting, and more. With the right level of magnification the check can be very reliable.

Once the visual test is complete the manufacturer will have a clearer idea of what types of non-destructive and destructive testing they may need. The end result should be a strong, high quality weld.

Talk to us about visual inspection for welding

Format NDT Ltd is one of the UK’s best non-destructive testing consultants. We support businesses in various industries and have excellent credentials. While NDT is the core of our service, we also excel at visual inspections. That means we can provide a broad service for clients.

Another thing that makes us the best partner is the range of equipment we have access to. For example we have borescopes, flexible infra-red and flexible fibre optics. As a result we can provide the most precise visual inspection services.

If you would like to arrange for our experts to inspect welds for you, please contact us.