Testing components with industrial radiography

radiographic inspection

The industrial uses for radiographic inspection (RI) are very broad. In fact, it is one of the most reliable NDT methods in the sector. Format NDT Ltd is a leading provider, able to offer great services for clients in all kinds of industries. Our service is first rate because we can test on site or arrange in-house radiography of components. This provides more flexibility and the best results.

Why is it so popular?

Radiography can use either x-rays or gamma rays depending on the equipment. The part you are testing will absorb some of the radiation depending on the atomic weight, density, and thickness. As a result, it will reveal any changes here, including flaws such as voids and porosity.

The great thing about RI is it can tell you a lot about an item. For example, it can quantify and qualify defects and show if they will affect performance. Plus, it is a way to look at the internal and external geometry of a part. This can ensure there are no issues with the shape and thickness.

The inspection is useful for testing everything from pipes to sheet materials, welds, machined parts, and an array of metal components. You can use radiography on alloys of steel, aluminium, nickel, and more. The tests don’t cause any damage and can provide very quick results.

Industrial applications

As we said above, radiography can be useful in lots of industries. This can include automotive, aerospace, packaging, manufacturing, and many others. As you would expect, it means you can use it to check all kinds of products. For example, it could be castings, pistons, valves, gears, and more.

One impressive use of radiographic inspection is testing PCBs (printed circuit boards). These are a core part of most electronics. However, they can be hard to inspect with other methods, especially if the design hides solder joints. But, radiography can penetrate into packages to inspect the products.

Talk to us about in-house radiography of components

Format NDT Ltd’s service is very useful here as we can take components to our own facility for testing. We have fantastic equipment and can provide a quick turnaround on tests. However, while we strive to offer speed, we never compromise the quality.

So, if you want to arrange in-house radiography of components, you can contact us. We serve clients all over the UK and have a team with the best knowledge and skills. As a result, our engineers can interpret the results of each test to give you clear details.