PMI Testing can help with traceability

PMI Testing

An investigation will likely be necessary if there is an industrial or engineering issue such as the failure of a system or a structure. A big part of this will be identifying the cause. A number of things will come under scrutiny, including tracing the materials. It may be that the metals were the wrong alloy or grade. PMI testing may be needed to help do this.

Do you have the Material Certificate?

The first thing to look for when tracing a metal is the Material Certificates. You should have a 3.1 or 3.2 certificate that declares the metallic products comply with the specifications of the order. It should include details of the metal.

The 3.1 certificate should have an endorsement from the manufacturer’s representative. This person should have been independent of the manufacturing process so they have no bias. It is their job to check that the material was correct.

A 3.2 certificate is a little bit different. It also has an extra countersignature from an independent inspector or a representative from the purchaser. They must sign to state that the testing and inspection was done correctly.

What if it is missing?

Sadly, there are some cases when the certificates are not available. If this is the case, it can make it a little harder to identify and trace the metals.

The solution here is PMI testing. It can test the alloy chemistry and grade of metals against codes like UNS and ASME. As a result, it can help the investigator to see whether the correct metal was used.

The great thing about PMI is it is non-destructive. On top of that, it can easily identify alloys of various metals. It also provides very quick results and the equipment is portable. This means there is no long delay from having to send an item for testing in a lab.

Do you want to arrange PMI testing?

Format NDT Ltd has a team of experts with the right qualifications as well as extensive experience. We can provide various types of testing, including offering it on site and in-house. We set very high standards and make sure we can accurately identify materials and discontinuities.

If you want to arrange PMI testing for any reasons, you can rely on us. Simply get in touch and we will discuss your needs so we offer the right service.