On-site testing for civil engineering structures

Onsite Testing

Across the UK you can find a huge array of different civil engineering structures. They include vital pieces of infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels as well as other things like airports and even flood or coastal defences. Many of these require regular checks and tests to make sure they remain stable. On-site testing is essential here. Format NDT Ltd is happy to offer first rate services for many of these structures.

Stability and efficiency

Designers of these civil engineering structures work very hard to ensure that they consider all of the elements. For example, they think about the various types of loading, the impact of the weather and climate, and even things like seismic activity. The goal is to make sure they get the designs right so they are stable and efficient. A big part of this is selecting the best materials, ensuring they have the correct characteristics.

The issue is that even the strongest materials can wear with time because nothing lasts forever. It could be metals, timbers, concrete, or any other substance. Welds and joints in particular need regular checks as they can be weak points in these structures.

The best way to do the checks is to use non-destructive testing methods. With them, operatives can inspect various parts of a structure without causing damage. As a result, it can avoid anything that could ultimately compromise it.

The big obstacle with checking these huge structures is one of logistics. It is possible to take smaller components to a proper lab for testing. However, this cannot happen here due to the size, scale, and importance of these civil engineering giants.

On-site testing

Instead, it is necessary to test them in-situ. In some cases this can even involve using access equipment to reach parts of the structure that are tough to get to. This requires careful planning so the operatives can gain access and test safely.

Format NDT Ltd is a great team to work with here. Our operatives are experts with the very best training as well as a wealth of expertise. More importantly, we have access to high quality testing equipment. We can arrange everything from ultrasonic tests to magnetic particle inspection and more. If necessary, we can use several methods to provide a more conclusive idea of a structure’s condition.

If you choose a service we will provide a full report of the findings. Our team know exactly how to interpret them so we offer clear, accurate details. You can contact us if you have any concerns or want to arrange on-site testing. We work across the UK, and have the skills to cater for various industries and sectors.