Hardness testing for new materials

Hardness Testing

Businesses in every single industry are competing to innovate and bring new products to the market. Winning the race can be very lucrative but they cannot rush and start selling too quickly. This is especially true if they are using new materials. Doing this is a risk, especially if they don’t take the time to test properly. They should never ignore things like NDT and how vital it is to get a clear idea of the characteristics of the material and look for any flaws. Things like hardness testing should never be avoided.

Why is hardness so vital?

While there are other characteristics that are important, including corrosion resistance and weight, hardness is one of the most essential. It will determine things like how much resistance there is to deformation. When it comes to safety and part quality, few things are as critical.

A number of things can affect the hardness of a material. For example, you need to look at the alloy, the geometry, and the surface quality. It is also vital to look at heat treatment processes. They can have a huge effect on the hardness of a metal.

Reliable hardness testing

Whether you are using a tried and tested alloy or have something new, it is vital to test it to make sure it will be fit for purpose. The best option is to get a professional test. Format NDT Ltd can arrange this for you. We have a skilful team and the best equipment. As a result, we can give our clients a very good idea of how hard a metal is. We even provide testing for welds.

The best thing about asking us to do hardness testing for you is we are impartial. Our only goal is to give you a very accurate idea of the characteristics of the item we test. We have no bias and you can trust us to be confidential too.

So, if you want reliable services from a long standing specialist, please contact us.