A big issue with using dye penetrant in winter

Dye penetrant

Cold weather can cause some big issues with non-destructive testing. It can be particularly troublesome for dye penetrant if you fail to store it properly. Here you may find that your penetrant has frozen. This could potentially mean you need to go through a process of thawing, mixing, and testing it to make sure it still suits your needs. In the worst cases you may be unable to use it at all.

Thermal stability

You are in luck if the penetrant you use is thermally stable. If so, generally you only need to thaw it out completely. As soon as it returns to ambient temperature it is safe to use again. There should be no need to mix or test it.

It may take a significant amount of time for the penetrant to return to room temperature. You need to consider how cold it has been, the length of time it has been frozen, and the volume you have to deal with. For example, a full drum may need to sit for 24 hours at least before it is usable.

AMS 2664

One thing you should look for is penetrants that comply with AMS 2644. This is the specification from SAE International. It includes details of the technical and testing requirements for liquid penetrant inspection. A vital part of this is ensuring the substance will be stable even after several hot and cold cycles. The penetrants are tested so this is the case.

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