Spotting defects in forged parts

On site gamma radiography

Forging has a reputation for being the process of choice for people who want the best in terms of part quality and performance. They often select it over other options, including weldments and casting. However, that does not mean that there won’t be issues. Flaws and defects can happen with any method of part making. As a result, you may need to arrange on site gamma radiography to find them and ensure the part is fit for use.

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X-ray testing for all kinds of weld joints

On site x-ray services

Welding remains one of the most popular ways of joining metals. As a result it is a fabrication technique that is used in lots of industries. Its wide use is helped by the fact that you can weld in various positions and create joints to satisfy different needs. But, you always need to ensure the welds are good quality. Our on site x-ray services and other forms of NDT are a good way of testing this.

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Testing components with industrial radiography

radiographic inspection

The industrial uses for radiographic inspection (RI) are very broad. In fact, it is one of the most reliable NDT methods in the sector. Format NDT Ltd is a leading provider, able to offer great services for clients in all kinds of industries. Our service is first rate because we can test on site or arrange in-house radiography of components. This provides more flexibility and the best results.

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What causes storage tanks to fail?

Storage tank Inspection

At Format NDT Ltd we support clients who use above-ground storage tanks for various purposes. We understand how important they are for storing everything from water to oil and chemicals. However, they need proper maintenance to reduce the risk of failure. A key part of this is storage tank inspection. We can provide this service and report any indications that there could be an issue.

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Improving the quality of steel manufacturing

Customer representation NDT

At Format NDT Ltd we understand how important it is to maximise quality in steel manufacturing. It is essential for safety, the longevity of parts, and the environment. We can help by offering a full customer representation service. Here we can provide various forms of non-destructive testing as well as quality checks to ensure you comply with standards.

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On-site testing for civil engineering structures

Onsite Testing

Across the UK you can find a huge array of different civil engineering structures. They include vital pieces of infrastructure such as bridges and tunnels as well as other things like airports and even flood or coastal defences. Many of these require regular checks and tests to make sure they remain stable. On-site testing is essential here. Format NDT Ltd is happy to offer first rate services for many of these structures.

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Creep is a huge issue for high temperature components

Replication inspection

The operating life of high temperature components is naturally shorter than you would expect for parts in kinder environments. Creep is the biggest issue here. The heat puts a lot of stress on the parts, causing permanent deformation. In time it can cause stress ruptures and failure. It is vital to monitor the products here to keep an eye on the remaining operating life. Replication inspection is the best option.

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Try different angles with radiographic inspection

radiographic inspection

Detecting flaws within a metal product can be tricky, especially if you need to avoid damaging it. Luckily, there are several forms of non-destructive testing you can use. One option is radiographic inspection. It can provide effective results as long as you work with an expert provider. Format NDT Ltd is one of the best providers in the UK, so you can always trust us.

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How can a metal or part have uneven hardness?

Hardness Testing

The hardness of a metal is important for many reasons. For example, it is this property that affects the metal’s ability to resist deformation. It also has an impact on the resistance to abrasion and can affect the ability to cut it. It is important to get hardness testing as part of the quality checks. This can ensure there are no uneven patterns or flaws.

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How does ferrite content affect stainless steel?

Ferrite Testing

When you look at the crystalline structure of steel you will see a lattice with different crystals of iron atoms. Depending on the conditions when making the alloy, the lattices can be different. For example they could be ferrite, austenite, or cementite. It is important to test the material to see which of these are present as they can affect the final properties. Format NDT Ltd can help by providing ferrite testing.

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