Storage Tank Inspection

Format NDT Ltd is one of the foremost non-destructive testing specialists in the UK. We are an independent company and have decades of experience. Our goal is to offer the very best support and services to clients, ensuring we are their go-to partner for any kind of testing. While we excel in several areas, one where we always achieve the best results is storage tank inspection. We can effectively examine all kinds of above-ground vertical cylindrical steel tanks.

Why is inspection important?

These kinds of storage tanks are useful in an array of industries. For example they can be used to store oil, chemicals, feed-stocks, refinery products and more.

An incident that results in the failure of a tank could have serious consequences for the company. For example it could put people on and around the site in harm’s way. It could also have a negative impact on the environment and wildlife. As a result, the issue could seriously damage the company’s reputation.

With all of the above in mind, it is important to inspect the tanks regularly to ensure they are in proper working condition. Integrity management can reduce the risk of issues and also help to maximise the lifetime value of the tanks. In addition, it can improve productivity and reduce downtime.

EEMUA 159/API 653

At Format NDT Ltd we take our responsibilities very seriously when we are inspecting these storage tanks. We work to the standard set out in EEMUA 159. This is the most comprehensive guide and identifies best practice for the inspection and maintenance of tanks that have been built to BS, EN, and API standards. By working to the standard, we comply with recommendations from all UK regulators. Our team also has API 653 qualified inspectors.

Inspection methods

We have an array of options for inspecting above-ground vertical cylindrical steel storage tanks. They include:

• Ultrasonic Thickness Surveying
• Eddy Current Inspection
• Vacuum Box Testing
• Dye Penetrant Inspection
• Magnetic Particle Inspection

All of these are non-destructive so there is absolutely no risk of damaging the tanks.

Arranging storage tank inspection

Many insuring authorities prefer that companies choose third party inspection for their storage tanks. Format NDT Ltd can provide this for clients and always work to the highest standards. We will report the findings of each inspection and also offer recommendations.

Contact us today at 01744 816225, via email on, or by completing our contact form. We can provide storage tank inspection all over the UK and beyond in some cases. So, rely on us to give you the most comprehensive testing.

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