Replication Inspection

Format have a range of replica inspection techniques utilising various compounds that have been developed by our suppliers. These compounds have been developed to solve many complex and difficult inspection problems.

This method of non-destructive-testing allows a comprehensive evaluation of a component’s microstructure, and will also identify the presence of defects, allow crack evaluation and any other areas that might be of interest. The preparation of the replica location and the etching process employed will ultimately be determined by the type of material being evaluated.

Replica Inspection has been extensively used and relied upon by numerous industrial sectors, inclusive of power generation, petro-chemical and nuclear for several decades to determine accurate material condition. This in turn can be repeated at intervals to monitor progressive condition to predict remaining life of part or component. Field replica inspection is therefore an ideal form of preventative maintenance for many industries.

Some common industry processes that employ field replication for assessment are Creep damage, piping systems and boiler tubes.

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