NDT Consultancy & Customer Representation

Format NDT Ltd have on-site Quality Assurance liaison engineers fully conversant with plant and equipment. As NDT consultants, we can take effective action in the prevention of minor quality problems becoming large ones.

Our experienced personnel are trained to identify areas of non-conformance and take the necessary action on our customers’ behalf. With an in depth knowledge of most non-destructive-testing methods – coupled with quality assurance backgrounds – you can rely upon our integrity to apply the necessary corrective action before any potential problem escalates.

Quality Assurance

Reputation and quality is the ultimate business accolade. At Format NDT Ltd, your reputation is paramount to us. Problems can develop either on route or at your customers’ plant. As your Quality Assurance NDT Consultancy, we provide total quality control and take care of your components/parts as if they were are own.

Third Party Inspection

As with general day to day operations within our inspection scope, we can also provide qualified and impartial third party in-process and final inspection on any component. We will also retain any non-conforming parts thus preventing your eventual customer from receipt of defective products. Digital photographs can be provided to electronically forward images of defective products should this be a requirement.

As with all our disciplines of inspection we aim to offer a totally professional and reliable service to our customers.

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